Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

It's the last day of school for me. Hooray! (Humming the theme song from Mary Tyler Moore) "She's gonna make it afterall". Last night's Christmas concert (with my 28 preschool kiddos) went terrifically. The children sang their hearts out and their faces were filled with pride. It was an awesome site to behold.

This year I was a rebel and didn't wear the traditional gawdy sweaters like the other teachers. I chose to wear a simple black dress with Chanel rings on it and a sparkly silver high heels. They'll be a price to pay (lol) but what can I say? I'm a non-conformist and those sweaters ... well, they are just not me. Besides, what's wrong with getting dressed up for Christmas?

So I have two announcements that I have been procrastinating on making. If you know me personally or have read my previous post, you know I'm a procrastinator. To me:

Procrastination = perfectionism + commitment
It's literally taken decades for me to figure out this personality flaw. But at least recognizing it is the first step right? Basically, I am a perfectionist. And once I commit to something, it has to be perfect. If it's not perfect, I get irritated and/or frustrated and drop the whole project together. I know, I know... it's an*l but it's just how I am. So anytime I need to make a commitment to somebody or myself, I procrastinate until I'm 100% sure I can be perfect at whatever I am committing myself too LOL I know. I need therapy. Especially since there is probably nothing that I am perfect at doing ROFL.

I digress. Did you just notice I have now successfully procrastinated writing my two announcements for a whole paragraph? Yes, I know I should be commited.

What was I saying???

Oh yeh. Announcements.

First announcement. Giveaways. Yep, we all love 'em. Last week, I actually took my first stab at jewelry making. Actually pendant making... heh, which I then added to a double-tiered choker necklace. Anyway, I made a series of them and I thought they came out pretty good. So good, in fact, that I gave one to my Secret Santa. Well, the perfectionist inside of me silently screamed because the backing wasn't "perfect" when my Secret Santa opened her gift but she loved it. Actually, all of my staff loved in and people now want me to pay me to make necklaces for them. Soooooooo, in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I'd reserve one of these handmade 95% perfect pendants for my first giveaway. The rules for winning one of these pendants will be written on another post. Stay tuned.

Second announcement (deep breath...inhale). Oh darn it..have I told you lately how much I hate making commitments. I think... okay... I am... maybe... no really I am... going to finally make a Locks of Love contribution this Christmas. A preschool parent of mine owns a salon and has graciously offered her salon services to me. So yep, I'm gonna do it. Now for those of you who really don't know me, I realize you are probably laughing at me or rolling your eyes. But for those of you who do know me, know this is a pretty big deal. I have over 12 inches of long hair and the shortest I have ever gone is shoulder length.

So my family has convinced me to get this hairstyle:

While I like this hairstyle, I would like some hybrid type of hair style.

1 part Eva Longoria...
1 part Victoria Beckham...

and 1-part Katie Holmes

Okay now I feel queasy. I've said it. Short hair, here I come. Now will somebody please come and hold my hand????


Jen said...

That Kaite picture is my exact hairstyle! You can do it! Think of the wonderful wig you will make? Think of your hair grown back in just a few short months. (If you choose to grow it back, my bet is that you love it short). Change is hard, but sometimes soooo worth it! Good luck and please! post pics!

Ky said...

I'll show ya mine if I show me yours LOL

Thanks for the supportive thoughts, Jen. I really do appreciate them :-)

GRAMS said...

Ky, thank you for visiting my blog and especially thanks for the link to the water bottle stars. I want to make some if I ever find the time. I'm a perfectionist as well but over the years I have had to learn to let it go. I still am in lots of ways but in other ways it has gone completely out the window. So take heart, some day you can become as lazy as I am.
I love the short hair cut. 2 of my daughters have their hair like that and it looks so good.

Tiff said...

Okay, I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat until you decide on the new cut! Only that's all I'm saying about it or you might over-think it and back out! lol j.k.
Why isn't your blog updating at Google Reader, I feel so out of the loop!

Tiff said...

Okay, apparently I'm the queen of exclamation points...