Monday, December 22, 2008

Display Your Pitiful Christmas Decoration Day

Thanks to my friend Debbie over at From A Creative Heart, today is "Display Your Pitiful Christmas Decoration Day"

This, er um, "holiday" (?) is an inside joke. Debbie gave me a tip to go check out Warm Pie, Happy Home for some inspiration. Girls, if you haven't checked this blog out, go run and check it out after you look at my pictures. You simply won't believe RuthAnn's beautiful house. She makes Martha Stewart look like Roseanne Barr *lol* Her house is so beautiful that I told Debbie that was going to slit my wrist with holly and delete all of my Christmas tree pictures and soooooo..... a holiday was born LOL

So without further delay, here is this year's Christmas tree. This year, I added in white lights with the colored lights and loved the effect. It kind of added a snowy feel to it.

Hey cool tree... can you tell us a little about some of the more meaning Christmas ornaments?

Oh so glad you asked. You really did ask, I promise you.

While this is definitely not the prettiest ornament on the tree, it is definitely the oldest. It was given to me by my Grandmother back in 1968.

This is another "vintage" ornament given to me by the same Grandmother back in 1972. The picture really doesn't do it justice. You'll just have to take my word on it. Grandma G. was not known as being a crafter at all so this ornament will remain one of my favorites.

Yet another vintage ornament from 1973. This was given to me by Santa the same Christmas Santa brought me a real poodle.

This ornament was given to me by a co-worker the year my son was born. It is ceramic. I always get very sentimental every time I hang this on our tree :-)

Here are some relatively newer additions to my tree. I love retro Christmas items. These two ornaments came from The Christmas Place on one of our many trips to Tennessee:

This ornament came from Tennessee as well. I love him. He reminds me of my childhood in New England where chickadees are native.

A new ornament I received this year from one of my students. The reindeer appears to be made out of real bark. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of him.

And one last ornament (for today), it was given to me by my Director. Those are simulated pearls and rhinestones that are inlaid into the cross.

Well thanks for taking a look at my "pitiful" Christmas decorations. As you can see, our Christmas tree may not be beautiful and "perfect" but it is perfectly decorated with much love and memories.

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Tiff said...

I think your tree is about as perfect as they can get... :o)