Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Retro Tuesday

I've been listening to way too much digital music today as I catch up on some cleaning and have heard many songs from my youth. It's funny how one song can transport you back in time *smile*.

So here's my question... think ... think far back... back to your junior or senior year of high school. No excuses, I know you can do it. Humor me. Try. What music is playing inside of your head? Where are you?

Here... at the risk of embarrassment, I'll got first.

I'm at a rollerskating rink in Massachusetts, holding my first boyfriend's hand and sharing my first kiss during "couples skate". Yes Danny, I still think about you over twenty years later :-)


From A Creative Heart said...

I would like to pretend that I was not a Steve Perry fan...but sadly, I can't...LOL

Small House said...

YOU COOK! YOU BAKE! I love finding people that do, and share their recipes with someone who doesn't cook or bake like me. It motivates me to try something new, and like it. Your Butterfinger cake I do make. We call it "Death by Chocolate" and I use Heath bars. I'll be using your cooking skills believe me! It's nice to meet you. THANKS!

Tiff said...

Used to slow skate to this song with my old boyfriend Chris. We used to dream of him being a rock star and me going on the road with him. We would have sweet little blonde headed rock and roll babies. Ahhh those were the days... Thanks for the great memories!

Ky said...

@Small House Thanks for the sweet comment :-) It's 37 degrees here in FL today (EEK) so I think I will definitely be baking something tonight.

Ky said...

@Tiff Santa brought me pretty white quad rollerskates with cute pink wheels. I absolutely adore them! I think we're going to a real rollerskating rink this weekend. It's so much fun and what a workout it gives you :-)