Friday, January 2, 2009

My first post of 2009

Happy New Year Everybody!

I apologize for my absence. Here in the land of Preschool, school is about to start up again *sigh* which means for teachers we get to spend our last days of vacation doing "teachery" type of stuff like tweak our curriculum, generate newsletters and calendars... oh and did I mention adjust to our new puppy :-)

Here is the latest addition to our family. Her name is Chloe. Aren't they sweet?

Chloe is a wire haired daschund. We rescued her from the local animal control center. She's 2-years-old and a lovable sweet doggy :-) We feel very blessed to have her!

Now on to a completely different subject matter...

Thanks to my friend, Jen... I decided to sign up for Aloha Fridays. So my question to you today is "What is your favorite memory of 2008"?

My favorite memory was our first camping trip in our pop-up camper! By the grace of God, my DH's boss let us borrow his pop-up camper for Spring Break. We camped in Yogi Bear Campground. I caught 5 bass fish that trip.. DH, (the self-proclaimed almighty fisherman) caught ZIPPO LOL Little did I know that this single trip would hook our family... hook, line and sinker into the wonderful world of pop-up camping. We are now proud owners of the aforementioned camper and cherish every camping trip we have. It is truly a gift of family bonding time surrounded by God's blessing of natural beauty.

Wishing you and yours the very best in 2009.



Momstart said...

My son surviving his birth

Melissa Miller said...

Awww! Chloe is so pretty and sweet. Thank you for giving her a home.

Hope your New Year is wonderful and blessed. :)

Ky said...

@Momstart, Congratulations! My dear daughter's entrance to the world was a rather shaky one too but now she is definitely a future ruler of the world LOL.

@Melissa Thanks sweetie :-) We had a HUGE happy moment today when Charlie (our long haired daschund) finally bonded with Chloe. They are now 2 peas in a pod and their tails never stop wagging now. It really makes my heart sing :-)

Joey and Maggie said...

Congrats on Chloe, she's beautiful! Still looks like a puppy in the photo.