Saturday, January 3, 2009

I've been cooking again!

Okay, I'll confess... for some time, I had been going through a cooking funk. Those of you who know me personally, know this is not like me all. Along with the seemingly neverending holiday parties and school functions came many fast food meals, not-so-fast restaurant meals and quickie sandwich meals at home. It's a wonder I didn't gain 50-lbs LOL.

But thanks to great websites and blogs like Southern Plate and A Year of Crockpotting I am officially happy that I'm over my slump :-)

A new family favorite is Southern Plates' Butterfinger Cake. Now I will warn you. This cake is "to die for". It probably has a 5,000 calories per serving but it is so worth it. Make it for the next pot luck or family gathering. It'll make you the cooking Diva that I know you are. Here's the recipe:

Butterfinger Cake

1 box devil’s food cake mix
1 bottle caramel topping (I used Smuckers)
1 can Condensed milk
1 large tub cool whip
1 Butterfinger bar (Oddly I couldn't find a single "large bar" so I bought a 8-pack of mini butterfingers)

Prepare cake according to package directions. Immediately after removing cake from oven, poke several holes all over the top with a fork. Mix sweetened condensed milk and caramel together, pour over hot cake, spread it over the entire cake. Chill well. After cake has chilled completely, spread cool whip over the top and sprinkle crushed Butterfinger bar on top of cool whip.


From A Creative Heart said...

excuse me lady, but I just joined weight watchers today...and we got a Wii fit that talks ugly to me...and you have the nerve to post this recipe!!!! pure torture!!!! LOL
but I love you anyway!!!!

Sandy Toes said...

Oh my does that sound just simply delicious..anything with butterfingers is a keeper!
-sandy toe

Femin Susan said...

My tongue filled with water...