Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Other Woman

My husband loves her. My kids adore her. My dog, God bless him, is indifferent towards her. Meet "the other woman".

Sure she's younger than I am and so what if she can clean better than I can (I mean who really gets underneath the beds to attack the land of the dust bunnies), she works tirelessly without a single complaint and she can recharge her batteries in less than hour...

But can she cook delicious meals, help with homework, chauffeur her children to various scouting and sporting events, decorate her home for the holidays, stay up all night and console sick children, make 3-year-olds laugh... clean tile floors....

Uh-oh.. look out Ms. Roomba, there's another woman in town.

Oh yes, one day you will be mine.


From A Creative Heart said...

This is just sad and cruel...LOL
Glad you are having fun with this!!!

Jen said...

THis post is hilarious!!!! Definately for the Santa list.