Friday, November 7, 2008

Okay I'll admit it

I'm a slacker...
No .... a perfectionist...
No... a procrastinator.

Hmmmmmmm, maybe after taking a glimpse around the house I'd say a bit of all of the adjectives and add in the word slob just for fun LOL.

Ever since I can remember, I've always fallen into two categories. Either "living in the now" (let's worry about that tomorrow) and or I'd plan every detail to the point where I'd get overwhelmed by my task list and just scrap the entire project. Is anybody else like that?

My poor blog is an example. As I walk around the house, a zillion blog subjects drift through my mind. But then I remember I have to cut out 28 pilgrim hats for my class, my dog throws up, my daughter needs help with her homework, my son remembers he needs to design a budget that tracked his spending for 3 WEEKS in 30 minutes for his Cub Scout meeting, my husband can't find the stupid remote AGAIN, somebody drops milk on the floor causing the vomiting dog to clean the floor with his tongue causing somebody to trip over the vomiting dog, causing a massive search for my daughter's favorite shirt was of course is at the bottom of the hamper on top of the REMOTE which I had been searching for the past 2 days!!! Welcome to a typical Tuesday afternoon in our house.

So I apologize now, my dear friends for not updating my blog more regularly. And I'm sorry you missed out on my lifechanging blog posts that once danced through my head LOL. Maybe one day I'll get the hang of this blog stuff... but I'll worry about that tomorrow :-)


Tiff said...

Sounds kinda like the Simple Abundance reading for yesterday! lol
Love ya

Pretty Organizer said...

Um... I think we're living parallel lives! Except we don't have a vomiting dog... just extra vomiting children. That pretty much sums up what I do every day:) Glad to see someone else is walking next to me on the same path. Isn't homemaking fun! Thanks for checking out my blog. Not to give anything away.. but.. YOU particularly may want to check back today:) I haven't written the blog yet but I think you'll be happy! Take care lady!